Tracey and Kathy claim their mother, Barbara, is being used as a “money mule” by a "con man" who they say wooed their mom online.

Barbara admits she has sent thousands of dollars to the man says she’s in love with, whom she refers to as “David Chris, Jr.”

While her family fears Barbara -- who says she was, in part, enticed by a photo she believes to be "David Chris, Jr." -- may unknowingly be caught in a money laundering scheme, daughter Tracey says her fears go even further.

WATCH: Woman Claims Grandma Is Being 'Conned' By Online Boyfriend

“I’ve never spoken to David, but my mom says he has a Spanish accent. When I heard David’s voice on a voice message, I thought there is no way he can be Spanish,” Tracey says.

WATCH: Family Says They Fear Granny Is Being Used In Connection With Money Laundering Scheme

Watch the video above as Tracey explains what makes her wonder if "David" could possibly even be a “terrorist”? Plus, watch as Dr. Phil questions if the voice on the other end of the phone is even human at all.

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Monday.