Art Markman (Ph.D.) a professor of psychology and marketing, and member of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board, has a new book out: “Brain Briefs: Answers to the Most (and Least) Pressing Questions about Your Mind” with co-author Bob Duke (Ph.D.).

“Brain Briefs” explains various human behaviors in a light-hearted and easy to understand way.
“We really want people to understand their minds,” says Dr. Markman. “Like we say, everybody has a mind – almost nobody knows how it works.”

In the video above, Markman joins Dr. Phil to talk about everything from why people like kitten videos so much, to why it’s so hard to tell liars from truth-tellers. (Hint: Liars talk more about their emotions than truth-tellers do).

Tune in to Dr. Phil on Thursday to watch what happens in a hidden-camera experiment with the studio audience. Later, Dr. Phil surprises a long-time fan of the show and helps her to face one of her deepest fears.

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