Jenn says when she met her husband, Seth, their relationship was fast, intense and passionate. Now, after being together for 17 years, Jenn claims Seth is a verbally abusive narcissist who constantly gets in her face.

Conflict So Big It Needs A Dr. Phil Solution?

However, Seth says Jenn is part of the problem. He calls her controlling, conniving and spiteful, and says he feels trapped in their marriage.

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“Before you got married, you had friends that said, ‘Hey, You don’t want to do this,’” Dr. Phil reminds Jenn on Thursday’s episode. “Not only did you get married, you decided, ‘Well, I’ll have a child.’ Why do you keep getting in deeper?”

Hear her response in the video above. And, see what happens when Dr. Phil asks the couple to rate their relationship. Why does Jenn say there are two sides of Seth?

Is there hope for this marriage? See what Dr. Phil says on Wednesday. Check here to see where you can watch.

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