Mark says after his divorce, he joined an online dating site where he met “Kelly Smith” whom he described as attractive, honest, decent and kind. He said that three days into talking, “Kelly” told him that her father passed away and left her $3.5 million in cash and $3 million in jewelry and diamonds and that she said she put it in two metal boxes. Mark said she agreed to give him 50 percent of her inheritance if he would help her get the boxes from Nigeria to the United States. Six years and hundreds of thousands of dollars later, Mark said the boxes still had not arrived. After Dr. Phil conducted a global investigation to track down leads to find Kelly, Mark finally conceded that he was likely being “scammed.” Watch his first appearance here.

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In the video above, meet the woman behind the photo that Mark says he was sent and hear what she has to say. And, find out why Mark says he is still communicating with the person who is not who he thought she was.

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This episode airs Thursday. Tune in to see more updates on past guests who say they were taken by “catfish”. Check here to see where you can watch.

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