Laura says she loves animals, but her former partner, John and his daughter, Jessie, say with all the pets living in their home, things are out of control.

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“Laura has about 53 animals living in our house,” claims Jessie, who counts multiple dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes, and dozens of mice in the menagerie. “She also has a sheep and a fish.”

“That’s less animals than we’ve ever had before,” says Laura who is the mother of Jessie’s 16-year-old sister, Angelina. “I don’t understand why Jessie and John think that all these pets are a problem.”

Jessie says there are also two full-grown huskies living outside the house who she claims are tied up with cords. “It’s hot and they always look sad. It’s just disgusting,” she says.

Claiming that in addition to the animals, Laura hoards newspapers, food, garbage, and bags of clothes, Jessie says “It’s not healthy for the animals. It’s not healthy for my dad. It’s not healthy for me, my sister, and it’s especially not healthy for my child.”

Laura says someone reported her to Animal Control recently. She claims an investigator came out “And she said everything was fine.”

After reviewing the video of Laura’s pets, Dr. Phil instructs a staff member to call Animal Control to have the dogs removed from her home. “And, and if they don’t remove those dogs today I want to know it, and I want you to call until they do,” he says.

Laura says she doesn’t consider herself to be a hoarder. Why does she claim that John and Jessie are “manipulating the situation” to make it look like she is?

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