Jeanine and her son, Jesse, say they fear germs and compulsively clean and sanitize their surroundings.

Dr. Phil says behavioral compulsions have a purpose – “You think it’s to keep you from getting sick. I think it’s to push down your anxiety levels.”

On Wednesday’s Dr. Phil, special guest Dr. Frank Lawlis, co-founder of the Lawlis Peavey PNP Center, joins the conversation to discuss the benefits of Psycho Neuro Plasticity with Jeanine and Jesse to help retrain their brains, change their thinking and get their and compulsive behaviors under control.

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Claire, a former drug addict who says she gets “an adrenaline rush and feeling of power” from her compulsive shoplifting habit, accepts Dr. Phil’s referral to Origins Behavioral Healthcare for dual diagnoses and treatment for her addiction and its underlying cause.

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