Jillian Epperly claims that drinking “Jilly Juice”, her formulation of fermented cabbage water infused with Himalayan pink salt, and following a strict dietary protocol, will reverse cancer, diabetes, autism, Down syndrome, and other diseases; is a remedy for homosexuality and has the potential to regrow lost limbs.

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“Okay, so I assume you have pictures of people that have regrown arms and stuff?” Dr. Phil asks.

She says she doesn’t because “I’ve only been doing this for a year.”

“I think your saying this about reversing homosexuality is outrageous and offensive,” says Dr. Phil on Tuesday’s episode.

“It can be, yes,” she agrees.

Epperly admits she has neither medical training nor education in science and hasn’t done clinical trials, or human or animal studies to back up her claims. She says she has “enough training,” from looking up information on the Internet, and asserts that drinking the fermented beverage purges the body of parasites, toxins, and candida – a fungus that lives in the gut.

Drinking enough “Jilly Juice,” she claims, will reset the human body “at the cellular level.” She has a reported 50,000 followers online.

Jillian’s critics say her claims about “Jilly Juice” are outrageous and dangerous, and so is the product itself.

Dr. Phil talks to both her detractors and her supporters on Tuesday’s episode. Plus, find out what happens when an audience member unexpectedly rushes the Dr. Phil stage.

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The Ohio Attorney General’s office has reportedly sent Jillian Epperly a letter requesting proof of her “Jilly Juice” claims. AGO spokesperson Dan Tierney told “Dr. Phil” staffers they “Cannot confirm or deny any investigation is going on at this time.”

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Why A Self-Described Debunker Of Pseudoscience Claims Creator Of ‘Jilly Juice’ Is ‘Preying On Vulnerable People’