LiAnne says she’s a former addict who has been sober for three years. She’s currently living in her mother, Debra’s attic, with her girlfriend, Shemelia, who Debra claims has a history of domestic abuse with LiAnne and has her daughter “completely brainwashed.”

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LiAnne claims that Debra is irrational and doesn’t accept her for who she is.

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Debra has legal guardianship of LiAnne’s kids and claims her daughter has “no natural instinct” as a mother,” but LiAnne insists she wants her “God-given rights” as a parent restored.

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“It’s different from state to state, but there are 10 parental fitness factors that you have to demonstrate to have any chance of restoring your role as a parent,” Dr. Phil tells LiAnne in the video above.

“You have to provide a safe, stable and secure environment,” he continues.

“I can’t do that right now,” admits LiAnne. She says she’s looking for a “plan of action” to reach her goal.

When Dr. Phil tells LiAnne it’s her responsibility to get along with Debra, how does LiAnne respond?

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