Christy says she has legal custody of her sister, Tricia’s, daughters and is never giving them back. Tricia, a recovering heroin addict who spent time behind bars for reckless homicide, claims that she and Christy had a verbal agreement that Tricia could regain custody of her girls once she got back on her feet, but has prevented Tricia from seeing or speaking to her children since Thanksgiving. Christy denies any agreement ever existed between them and claims it’s Tricia who refuses to visit her kids.

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In the video above, Christy asks Tricia’s daughters who they would prefer to live with.

“I feel she hasn’t talked to us, so I don’t think she has a right to,” says Tricia’s 13-year-old, adding, “I think I would choose to stay here.”

Her 9-year-old daughter says, “I feel like she has to like talk to us more and like be a better mom to be able to take us and be with us.”

Continuing, she says, “I feel safer and I feel like this is a better family than what our mom could be.”

“I have a real problem with that interaction,” Dr. Phil tells Christy after reviewing the video.

When he tells her, “To discuss them those questions in that way with that demeanor, is abusive,” how does Christy respond?

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Stop Hurling Accusations,’ Says Dr. Phil To Sisters In A Child Custody Dispute