Brooke claims she had a spiritual awakening three years ago, and since that time she hears God, Jesus and other spirits speaking to her. She also claims that God has taken over her body, and speaks to others through her.

Dr. Phil, please solve our conflict!

-- Brooke’s husband, Jack, says he and Brooke fight over her claims constantly, and that Brooke not only berates and belittles him – she rages against him whenever he questions her beliefs.

“You’re attributing a lot of things that are going on in your head to God, Jesus – the Holy Spirit. And I certainly hope that that’s there – but I certainly don’t think it’s alone,” Dr. Phil tells Brooke on Monday's episode.

“People have only seen a little bit of what I’ve went through,” says Brooke who acknowledges she’s had some trauma in her past. How does she respond when she’s asked about the four previous divorces she went through before marrying Jack?

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