Sumyr and her partner, Wayne, say every day is a “chaotic, hellish, nightmare” living with her angry, rage-filled 13-year-old son, Ash. Sumyr claims if they ever say "no” to Ash, he will hit, bite, and kick them and then turns his rage toward their dogs.
“I don’t think there are two sides here. There’s one side here, and that’s the child’s side, and I’m here to protect the child,” Dr. Phil tells Sumyr and Wayne. “This child is in jeopardy.”

Watch video of Ash’s interactions with Wayne – and the dogs – above, and hear Dr. Phil’s stern message for Sumyr and Wayne.
On Thursday’s episode, "Out of Control or Provoked!?," hear why Sumyr’s mother says she blames Sumyr for Ash’s behavior. Is Ash out of control or provoked by his mother? Check local listings to see where you can watch.
This video contains disturbing images. Viewer discretion advised. 

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