Marc Gafni was a rabbi for many years, until, he says, a group of women accused him of being sexually inappropriate with them. Now, nearly 100 rabbis have said he should no longer be allowed to teach and many members of the “new age” community, to which he turned, have said they no longer want to be associated with him.

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“You have managed to become alienated/at odds with a substantial number of people in two areas that you have invested a lot of your life in,” Dr. Phil says to Gafni on Friday’s episode. ”I’m just curious what your ownership is in that.”

WATCH: Alleged Victim Of Former Rabbi Marc Gafni Tells Her Story

How does Gafni respond? And why does he believe people started a “smear campaign” against him? On Friday, hear from a woman who claims she’s a victim of Gafni. Check here to see where you can watch.

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What Former Rabbi Marc Gafni Says He Wants People To Know