Parents Sam and Shannon granted guardianship of their son, Conrad, to Sam’s mother, Kim, when the baby was 6 months old.

At the time, they say they weren’t ready to be parents (Shannon was 18 when Conrad was born). But they say they thought Kim was only being granted temporary guardianship of the child. Now, nearly five years later, they are fighting to get Conrad back.

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Kim claims she’s worried about Sam and Shannon as parents, and says her son hasn’t come to visit his child in the past two years.

“I work a lot,” Sam says of why he hasn’t traveled to see Conrad during that time.

“If he had some sort of certainty, that he was going to get to see Conrad, he’d probably visit more,” Shannon adds, claiming that Kim has blocked their attempts to see their son.

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Watch the video above as Dr. Phil questions Sam and Shannon about why they moved 600 miles away after giving guardianship of Conrad to Kim. 

This episode airs Wednesday. Watch more here.