“Amie claimed to have two pregnancies. The first one she made it to 19 weeks, and I was actually on vacation, and she said that she had a miscarriage,” says a man who believes his ex-girlfriend may have been lying about being pregnant with his children. “And then a second pregnancy not long after that of twins. And once again, I was on vacation, and she said that they were stillborn.”

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He claims he was never allowed to see any of the children, that Amie didn’t give him the chance to go to doctor’s appointments with her and he never saw any documents proving her pregnancies.

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“Amie would change her story up. At one point, she said that she went to Chicago and she found a place that does late abortions. That’s one of my fears that she had them somehow, and they’re living, and she’s trying to keep that a secret from me,” he says. “This is sort of like a game for her. She sees how much she can get away with and then she just moves on to her next person that she can con.”

Amy is adamant that she was pregnant and lost all three babies.

On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, how does Amie answer questions surrounding her pregnancies, such as why producers couldn’t find death records for her deceased children? And, see what causes Amie to walk off the stage and have an explosive meltdown backstage. Check here to see where you can watch.

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