John says he believes his 12-year-old son, Jack, is possessed and that demons are inside of him and control him. He says he’s so concerned, he has plans for Jack to have an exorcism because he fears that if he doesn’t, one day, he may have to kill his son to protect his wife and children.

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“Tell me how you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s demonic possession,” Dr. Phil says to John on Wednesday's episode.

“At 2 ½-years old, he began exhibiting traits,” John says. “There was the stacking glass around his mother’s neck, point side up, and if she would’ve turned -- I mean, I caught him in the middle of it. I felt the energy shift, and I woke up.”

“But how is that behavior demonic? “ Dr. Phil presses.

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Hear John’s explanation in the video above. And hear other reasons John says convince him that his son is filled with evil.

On Wednesday's episode, hear why John’s ex-wife says she believes John’s harsh discipline tactics may be contributing to Jack’s behavior. Check here to see where you can watch.

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'You’re Bullying That Boy,' Dr. Phil Tells A Father

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Playing 'You’re Bullying That Boy,' Dr. Phil Tells A Father

‘You’re Bullying That Boy,’ Dr. Phil Tells A Father