Steve claims his ex-girlfriend, Robyn, coached their 12-year-old daughter to falsely accuse him of sexual abuse. Steve says the allegations were investigated, he was never charged and the case was closed. Now, Steve says he shouldn’t have to pay child support for his daughter and he doesn’t even want her in his life.

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“You’ve decided that you’ve been falsely accused so you don’t think you should have to pay them for that,” Dr. Phil says to Steve.

“No. Why?” replies Steve, who claims that it cost him and his fiancée $5,000 to defend himself.

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“Anybody who feels that they are innocent would not up and abandon their child,” says Robyn, who adamantly denies coaching their daughter. “They would want to talk to their child, ask their child why they feel this way.”

When Dr. Phil mentions that Steve could petition to have his parental rights terminated, Steve says that’s what he plans to do.

“I will not have the accusations with my family,” Steve explains. “I have three boys, and I’m not going to jeopardize my family.”

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Hear more of Dr. Phil’s thoughts in the video above. And on Thursday’s episode, an estate management attorney weighs in on the situation and Steve’s responsibilities as a parent. Check here to see where you can watch.

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