Steve claims his ex-girlfriend, Robyn, coached their 12-year-old daughter to falsely accuse him of sexual abuse, although she denies the allegations. He says after months of investigation and thousands of dollars spent on attorney fees, the case was closed and no charges were ever filed.

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Now, Steve says he doesn’t want his daughter in his life and he should not have to pay child support because of the false claims made against him that could have landed him in prison.

“All I wanted was a daughter and I had one. At one point, she was my pride and joy. Now, she’s nothing but a piece of dirt to me,” Steve says. “If I could speak to my daughter, there would be nothing nice to say to her.”

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Steve, who says he just wants to move on with his life without his daughter, continues, “My greatest fear is that if my daughter ever came back into my house that she would come up with more accusations.”

In the video above, Dr. Phil questions Steve about his comments.

“You’re referring to your daughter as a piece of dirt,” Dr. Phil says.

“After being accused of something like that, wouldn’t you?” Steve says.

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“If you think that she is coaching your daughter, then your daughter is a victim just like you,” Dr. Phil points out. “You don’t refer to your daughter as a piece of dirt. What the hell are you thinking?”

On Thursday’s episode, hear what Dr. Phil tells the parents they must do for their daughter’s well-being. Check here to see where you can watch.

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