Ava has upward of 40,000 followers on Instagram. She says she wants to be famous, and a social media “influencer.”

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“I want to be famous, not because the world deserves me - because it doesn’t. But the world needs me,” she says. Ava claims she spends around $20,000 a month on her hair, makeup and designer clothes, just so that she can show other girls how to be “hot.”

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Ava also claims her online persona has been interfering with her personal relationships. She says she’s losing real-life friends while trying to increase her online audience.

Ava’s friends, Haley and Maria, say she was heavier in high school and bullied for it. Now that she’s lost weight, they claim that Ava has become both conceited and obsessed with being a social media star.

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“Ava’s top motive for all of this is definitely getting revenge,” says Maria, adding, “When she’s famous, she can’t wait to shove it in everyone’s faces, but I think she’s taking it to an extreme.”

Maria says Ava needs a “massive reality check.” Will she listen to what her friends are saying?

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Plus, why do Haley and Maria say they think Ava could be putting herself in danger?

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