Kaitlin was six months pregnant and addicted to heroin when she first appeared on Dr. Phil.

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The former cheerleader, who was pregnant with her third child, finally agreed to enter treatment after arguing with her family and Dr. Phil.

Kaitlin entered Origins Behavioral Healthcare, but her time at rehab was short-lived.

“I left rehab after 15 days. When I came back from rehab, I was sober for about three months,” Kaitlin says.

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Kaitlin’s daughter was born in January and Kaitlin claims the baby was not addicted to any drugs.

However, Joelle claims Kaitlin gave birth to a baby girl who was addicted to heroin, cocaine, THC and some undisclosed, undetermined substance.

Now, Kaitlin says she’s using heroin again, is homeless and gets money doing side jobs. “The last time I’ve had a good night’s sleep has been a few weeks,” she says. “Mostly, I just walk around or sit in a hospital cafeteria.”

“I’ve given up on her,” Joelle says.

Kaitlin reached out to Dr. Phil asking for another opportunity to enter rehab. Will he agree to help her? Check here to see where you can watch Friday’s episode.

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Pregnant And Addicted To Heroin