Film and television actress Mischa Barton has found herself at the center of attention in a number of Hollywood scandals that she says have threatened both her personal and professional lives in recent years. Barton, who says she has been in the public eye since she began acting professionally at 8 years old, came under enormous media scrutiny in 2009 when she was committed involuntarily to a mental health facility for two weeks.

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Other events that brought the actress unwanted attention include another brief hospitalization for unusual behavior in January, 2017 after which the actress says she believed she was drugged with GHB, and most recently, her announcement in March claiming a former boyfriend recorded a sexually explicit video of her without her permission.

“It is empowering to stand up for yourself, finally,” says the actress when she sits down in an exclusive interview on Monday’s Dr. Phil.

Barton sums up her public struggles, saying, “I think that if this can strengthen women in any way; or make a shift in the way people feel about talking about [whether it’s] depression, or abusive relationships – or whatever it is – if that could shift, or help anybody else in the future; I would be happy to do that.”

“A lie unchallenged becomes the truth,” says Dr. Phil to his guest. “You’ve challenged the myth – you’ve challenged the story. I think you’ve moved the needle a substantial amount.”

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