“I believe my husband is poisoning me. I have needle marks everywhere, all over my body,” claims Pat.

Pat claims every night after she falls asleep, her husband, Mira, is injecting her with poison, sometimes up to 100 times. The mom of three also claims that her husband is poisoning her food.

“He would make comments like, ‘Oh, what are you eating?’ with a grin on his face,” Pat says. “I had a really bad reaction after I ate it. I had trouble breathing.”

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Pat claims her husband of 20 years has been trying to keep her sedated for the last nine months so he can molest their teen daughters.

“Mira has molested the girls thousands of times. I’ve caught him touching them, fondling them,” Pat claims. “He’ll touch them, grab their butt. Every opportunity he has, he’ll try something.”

Pat says she’s scared for her daughters’ safety, so she now sleeps in the girls’ bedrooms and has placed nanny cams around the house to watch her husband.

“One night, I caught my oldest daughter fully naked, and so was he. I was in shock. I started to shake,” Pat says. “The next day, I wanted to view it again and that very date was deleted, and I knew that he had gotten ahold of the tape.”

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Mira, however, emphatically denies Pat’s claims. He says his wife is mentally ill and the accusations are a symptom of delusional and paranoid sickness.

On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Mira responds to the hundreds of photos of what Pat claims are needle injection marks all over her body. And, Dr. Phil reviews Pat’s toxicology reports. Watch more here.