Retirement is something that many look forward to. But according to a recent AARP and Ad Council survey of adults 40-59, nearly 50 percent of people are not confident in their ability to save for retirement.

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According to Jean Setzfand, an AARP retirement expert, starting to put even a little money aside is a good beginning.

“Start to think about putting a little bit more away every single year. Even if it’s just one percent,” she says during an appearance on Dr. Phil on Friday. She says something else to consider is retiring at an older age. “Every year that you wait to claim your social security, that amount goes up, all the way until the age of 70.”

AARP and the Ad Council have launched a new saving for retirement campaign,, which includes a fun and easy-to-use tool for people to get the most out of their retirement savings.

“There, you’re going to meet our digital savings advisor. His name is Avo, and Avo will take you through the whole process. He’ll actually ask you a few questions and then provide you some actionable tips to get you on the right track for retirement savings. The process takes less than five minutes and the best part of it all: it’s absolutely free,” Jean says. “With longer lifespans, with advances in modern medicine, we’re living a lot longer. Longer life expectancy means that our retirement nest eggs actually have to last that much longer for all of us.”

Dr. Phil adds, “It is never, ever too late to start preparing for retirement.”

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