Lynn Hartman's says that watching the hit Netflix series "Making A Murderer" changed her life -- so much so that she's now engaged to convicted murderer Steven Avery.

Hartman, a 53-year-old paralegal, says she was struggling after her divorce when her daughter suggested she watch "Making A Murderer." She says that she concluded that Avery was innocent, and felt compelled to write him a letter.

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Lynn says that their correspondence led to meeting in person last month at Avery's prison, and now the two are engaged to be married.

"He saved my life," Hartman tells Dr. Phil in an exclusive interview airing Monday.

"What did he do that mended your heart?" Dr. Phil asks.

"He said things that made me feel needed and wanted, that I was human, that I wasn't disposable. And he needed me and that gave me a new lease on life. It gave me a new direction. He needed me and I wanted to provide that support for him because I felt so bad for his situation and how he had been wrongfully convicted not once but twice now."

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