Terry admits that he has been unfaithful to his wife, Cherie, for most of their 11-year relationship. He says he’s had multiple affairs, including a 15-year on-and-off relationship with Crystal, who claims Terry is the father of her daughter, although Terry says he’s uncertain. Terry claims that Crystal knew about his wife and children during their relationship and that she threatened to reveal their relationship to his wife if he did not pay her money, a claim Crystal vehemently denies.

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“I was afraid that she was going to out me to my wife. I was afraid that she was going to do it in a way that was going to be horrendous for everyone. I did not want my wife to find out,” Terry says. So he started sending Crystal $400 a month.

Crystal, however, claims that she had no idea Terry was married or had other children. She says when she told Terry she was pregnant, he chose not to be a part of the child’s life and she accepted that. She says it wasn’t until she learned he had two other children that she asked him for money.

“I phoned him and told him [that if] he’s going to be responsible for his other two kids, then he needed to be responsible for mine as well,” she says.

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In the video above, Dr. Phil asks Crystal, “If he’s the father of your child, why did you wait until you saw he had other children to ask him to step up financially?”

“Because he was picking and choosing his kids,” Crystal says.

“So you were going to give him a break until you saw he had other children and then you said, ‘OK, buddy, you’re going to step up and pay?” Dr. Phil asks.

“Absolutely,” Crystal replies.

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When Dr. Phil asks Terry for proof that Crystal threatened to tell Cherie about her relationship with Terry if he didn’t pay her, Terry says he can’t find it.

Watch more of their exchange the video above. On Friday’s episode, Dr. Phil offers advice for how they can move forward. Check here to see where you can watch.

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