Bobby claims he knows his ex-wife, Andrea, is “hooking up with all kinds of different men,” and says he just doesn’t want his son “exposed to that.” He says she cheated on him throughout their marriage, and claims she’s slept with 50-100 men since they spit up two years ago.

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Andrea adamantly denies Bobby’s claims. On Friday’s Dr. Phil she says, “My father has lived with me for over half of the time that we’ve been separated. How can I have these men in and out when my dad is sleeping on the couch?”

Andrea admits she cheated on Bobby one time during their marriage, saying, “I’ve apologized – tried to make it right – nothing will work.”

Andrea says who she dates now is none of Bobby’s business. And, she says she doesn’t expose their son to any of the men who come into her life “until they’re serious.” The kindergarten teacher claims her ex-husband spends all of his time investigating her life; badmouths her to their 6-year-old son, and threatened to get her fired from her job.

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