When Bailey was 15, he was in a Motocross accident that left him almost completely paralyzed. He says it wasn’t until three years ago, when he met his now girlfriend, Harley, that his life started to look brighter. However, since Harley has also become his full-time caregiver, their relationship has been suffering.

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“My relationship with Harley is completely broken. It’s just a one-sided relationship -- her doing things by herself and me just talking, annoying and complaining,” Bailey says. “When Harley has to help me, she gets angry … The worst part about her anger is the fact that I’m the cause of it.”

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Bailey, who says he hates everything about himself, wants things to change. “I’m completely ruining her life,” he says.

On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear what Harley says about Bailey’s behavior and their relationship. Can their relationship be saved? Check here to see where you can tune in and hear Dr. Phil’s advice for the couple.

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