Bobby says he believes his ex-wife, Andrea, “has been with a lot of guys.” He asserts she cheated on him throughout their marriage, and claims that since they split up two years ago, she’s had sex with between 50 to 100 men. He says he finds it “extremely difficult” to co-parent with Andrea, and accuses her of neglecting their 6-year-old child. “I don’t respect her and I’m worried that my son, when he gets older is not going to respect her,” he says.

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Andrea admits to cheating on Bobby once during their marriage; but adamantly denies his claim that she’s slept with 50-100 men. She says who she dates now is “none of his business.” She’s claiming he spies on her, badmouths her to their son, tries to ruin her reputation, and threatened to get her fired from her job.

Bobby admits gaining access to Andrea’s personal photos, creating a collage of images showing her with other men, and then sending it to both her current boyfriend, Jordan, and to his attorneys.

“It was because we were getting a divorce and they wanted to see one of the reasons I was getting a divorce,” he claims. He denies sending the collage to either Andrea’s church or to her employer.

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