Dennis admits that he has trouble having peaceful relationships with women. He has been married to Michelle for 29 years but says they have been separated for the last 10 due to infidelity on both their parts. He has been dating Melissa for eight years and says their relationship has also been plagued by infidelity, in addition to intense volatility.

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But Dennis says that he’s not a bad guy; he’s just been hurt in the past, and it has stayed with him.

“It really hurts when you get cheated on, doesn’t it?” Dr. Phil asks him in the video above.

“Yes,” he replies. “It kills, and it’s happened since the first girl I was with and every girl I’ve had after that. So, I developed a bitter taste in my eyes and my mind for women, because I’ve seen them all as sluts because every one I was with was with that, and I’m sorry for that because not every woman is.”

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On Wednesday’s episode, see what happens when Dennis faces his daughter who was born out of an affair. How does he respond to her? Check here to see where you can watch.

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