Marques says his fiancée, Tiffany, humiliated him when she posted videos of their fights online, and they went viral.
Tiffany says there was a lot more about her future husband that she could have exposed – but didn’t.

“Marques says he cannot trust me, that he’ll never trust me. And, I can’t get married if that’s the case,” Tiffany says. “I’ve never done anything to make him not trust me.” Tiffany says Marques accuses her of trying to get attention from other men and cheating on him—which she denies.
“The thing that pushes my buttons the most is when she makes threats that she is going to leave or be with someone, and she knows that,” Marques says. “She’s a beautiful woman, and she plays on it.”
When Marques admits that, during arguments with Tiffany, he has called her names like “slut” and “whore,” Dr. Phil says to him, “Do you have any doubt in your mind that that is verbal abuse?”
Hear Marques’ response in the video above, including why he says he engages in that behavior. And, Dr. Phil has a powerful message for Marques.
See some of the videos Tiffany posted on Friday’s episode, "'Public Shaming: My Fiancée Humiliated Me, and it Went Viral.'" Plus, hear Dr. Phil’s advice for the couple if they want to say “I do” instead of “goodbye.” Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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