Peter says when he heard that his son, Jorell, was behaving erratically, he was brought to his 34-acre compound in the desert. Peter claims he believed his son was in a “marijuana-induced psychosis,” and he was concerned about the behavior.

Conflict So Big It Needs A Dr. Phil Solution?

“He was psychotic, the way he was looking, the way he talked to me,” Peter claims. “Jorell told me that God had told him that no matter what happened, he could never be hurt and that I needed to listen to him, that there was God, there was Jesus Christ, and then there was Jorell.”

Peter claims Jorell’s behavior continued for three or four days before he had him committed to a psychiatric ward.

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Jorell claims Peter “kidnapped” him, wouldn’t let him speak to his wife or children and had him involuntarily committed – and now he plans to press charges against his father.

“Jorell does need Dr. Phil’s help,” Peter says. “I love my son and tried to care for him. I did not commit any criminal acts against him. He needs to see me as his father and not as a criminal.”

In the video above from Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, see a video of Jorell while he was at the compound. And, Dr. Phil reads a note from the hospital. What does it say about Jorell’s behavior?

And on Monday, can this family learn to get along? Check here to see where you can watch.

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