A day before she was “set free” from an alleged kidnapping, model Chloe Ayling was seen shopping with her alleged captor in a small Italian town. However, when she spoke with police, she never mentioned this event.

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How does the 20-year-old explain omitting this detail?

“That was at the end of about the 10th hour, and it was like a 13-hour interview, so I brushed it off. I just said, ‘I don’t know,’” Ayling says, in regards to where she got the shoes that she purchased on the shopping trip. “I was just so tired. I knew that would amount to more questions, and I just, literally, couldn’t even keep my eyes open. It was at the end of the interview.” She says that once the prosecutors confronted her, she admitted right away that she had been out in the village.

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“You left your prison and went out in public, walking around without chains, without cuffs, without anything, with your abductor and you choose that to be too tired to talk about?” Dr. Phil asks Ayling during a daytime exclusive interview airing Thursday.

Hear more of Ayling’s explanation in the video above. And on Thursday, Ayling addresses accusations that she faked the kidnapping for publicity. Is she a victim – or is she lying? Check here to see where you can watch.

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Model Chloe Ayling Describes How She Claims She Got Free From Alleged Kidnapper