Claire is a stay-at-home mom of four young children who claims she’s addicted to shoplifting. “The feeling I get when I get something for free is incredible. I feel like Superwoman.”

Claire, who says she’s been arrested four times, insists she can’t help herself. “I wish I could just stop shoplifting, but the reality is – is that I can’t. I’m white-knuckling my way through it like a drug addict who needs his fix.”

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Her husband, Chris, says the last time Claire was arrested the police let him leave with their children “so they would not have to see their mother being handcuffed.” Chris admits he’s bailed Claire out of jail every time she’s been arrested.

Claire says she’s currently serving probation for a fourth-degree felony shoplifting charge. She says she’s terrified that if she doesn’t stop, she’ll end up in prison.

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‘I Feel Like I’m Above The Law,’ Says Woman Who Claims She’s Addicted To Shoplifting