Jordan and Madison claim their 17-year-old sister, Peyton, is a master manipulator who lies to get attention and is the cause of the drama in their family. They also claim Peyton preys on their mother, Lora’s, emotions, and that they are at their breaking point.

Peyton admits she’s had some problems, but says her family just doesn’t understand her and she feels like an outcast.

“Peyton is extremely toxic, disrespectful, manipulative and selfish,” claims 19-year-old Jordan.

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Madison, 21, adds, “My mother cannot control my sister.”

The sisters claim Peyton drinks alcohol and smokes marijuana – often at their house – and they say their mom looks the other way.

“My mom is quick to jump to Peyton’s defense. She feels that Peyton’s getting ganged up on,” Madison claims. “Peyton’s manipulative behavior has pushed Jordan and I away from my mom.”

Lora admits she isn’t the best disciplinarian or parent, but says she doesn’t know how to end the sibling rivalry between her daughters.

“I’m failing as a mom because I can’t set the boundaries,” says Lora who admits that she parents from fear and claims that Peyton induces her with guilt. “Peyton is able to manipulate me. I’m the easiest target. If this continues, this type of behavior is only going to put her in a downward spiral and she’s going to fail.”

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Turning to Dr. Phil for help, Jordan says, “Peyton gets to that point where she’s so out of control, just screaming and rocking – I am scared of what she’s capable of, I am scared of what she can do to herself and what she can do to my mom and what she can do to me.”

In the video above, Dr. Phil tells Lora, “I feel like we have the tail wagging the dog here in terms of Peyton running you and running this whole process.”

He warns the family that something needs to change. “I think Peyton is in danger. I think she’s making really bad decisions … Somebody needs to stand up to this girl and call things for what they are. I don’t think this is a Peyton problem, I think this is a family problem.”

Is Peyton’s behavior an attempt to get attention, or could something deeper be at play? On Friday’s episode, Peyton makes a shocking confession. Watch more here.