“My son, Justin, is angry. He’s an alcoholic, and he’s addicted to marijuana,” says Kris. “When he does drink, his personality changes, and he scares me.”

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Kris says the 28-year-old has been arrested at least 12 times, and two of the offenses include drunk driving, possession of marijuana, and assault on a police officer. She also claims that Justin has been emotionally and verbally abusive toward his girlfriend, Hanna, and possibly physically abusive.

“I fear that Justin could take his own life, my grandchildren’s life, and he could even take Hanna’s life,” Kris says. “I think the safest place for Justin is jail.”

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In the video above from Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil tells Kris why he believes she may be part of the problem.
On Tuesday, hear what Justin and Hanna say about their behavior and their relationship. Check here to see where you can watch.