Kimber says that 16 years ago when she went to the hospital to give birth to her daughter, Brittney, she was a healthy woman. But she says once she gave birth, everything changed.


“After Brittney was born, I suffered postpartum psychosis. I experienced complete dissociation of reality, and time and place,” Kimber says. “It was very scary.”

Kimber’s husband, Tim, says his wife spent over a month in the hospital. “Because of her actions, they had to bring security guards in,” he recalls. “She couldn’t remember her name or anything else along that line.”

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During the past 16 years, Kimber says she has been admitted to psychiatric hospitals five times.

“My mental health issues have definitely put a strain on my relationship with my daughter, Brittney,” Kimber says.

“Kimber has always said that if she never had me, her whole life would be better,” claims Brittney claims, who says she refers to her mom by her first name because she doesn’t consider her a mom, and says Kimber has “ruined” her life. “I’ve not been able to have a normal life at all. She took away my childhood, and I can never get that back.”

Tim says that Kimber’s behavior almost caused them to divorce, and his parents claim that Kimber’s behavior has torn apart their family and led to Brittney acting out.

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“I feel that I’m shamed and blamed for things that I don’t necessarily have control over,” Kimber says tearfully.

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