Kelly says her daughter, Amanda, is madly in love with her boyfriend, Dylon – a severe epileptic who doesn’t take his medicine – and she’s convinced he will never be a good father or husband because she says he can’t take care of himself.

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Amanda says she loves everything about Dylon and that if he can get his epilepsy under control, they can have a life together.

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“They talk about getting married and being a family. Neither one of them is in a position to take care of themselves, let alone take care of a child,” Kelly says. “Amanda needs to be with a person that can help her co-parent, not somebody that she has to be a parent to.”

Hear more of their story in the video above, including why Kelly says she “partially” blames herself for Amanda and Dylon’s relationship. And on Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear why Dylon says he doesn’t take his medicine. Is he willing to accept Dr. Phil’s offer of help? Check here to see where you can watch.

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