Valerie alleges that her 16-year-old daughter, Veronica, lies, drinks, smokes marijuana, and hangs out with the wrong crowd. She says Veronica feels insecure about her looks, so she allowed the teen to get Botox and filler treatments.

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“I wanted her to feel better about herself,” says Valerie. “She feels bad about her body image, so you reinforce that by getting her Botox and filler?” Dr. Phil asks Valerie on Monday’s episode.

Valerie claims she let the dentist talk her into it. She also claims she consulted with a psychologist who she claims, “Basically said that if I did not capitulate to giving her either a tattoo or a piercing of some sort, that I would lose my daughter.”

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When she says, “I believe if there’s anything wrong with her, they’re going to fix her,” how does Dr. Phil respond?

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