Erica’s family claims she’s being conned by her boyfriend, Chris, who claims his ideas are “very important to the progression of humanity.” They claim Chris is a “freeloader” who has forced Erica to panhandle with their children because he refuses to work – and that he convinced her to quit her job.

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Chris says he believes the key to a better world is living in a cooperative where everyone works together as a family; bartering with each other and forgetting about the value of money.

He claims that he and Erica, along with Charnell, who is the third mate in what they call their polyamorous triad are starting a business meant to help people teach themselves to overcome mental health challenges as well as learning about business and career systems.

“We would help you train yourself and to be able to figure out what it is your skill sets were so you’d know how to invest your money into you, into you and your family,” says Chris, claiming that most careers will be obsolete in the next 10-15 years.

How does Chris respond when Dr. Phil says “You’re homeless and you have women in your family panhandling on the street. So why would I have confidence in your ability to guide me to do better?”

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