Brooke says her husband, Jack, doesn’t believe her when she says God and Jesus speak to her – and through her - and that he doesn’t respect her enough to listen to what she has to say all the way through, “without constantly interrupting.”

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Jack says it’s hard to talk to Brooke about her beliefs without getting into an argument. He admits he once “threw myself on the ground and laid there - pretending like I was bowled over by the Spirit.” Then he says, “In reality - I was putting on a show.”

Brooke says she believes “God knocked Jack out on his ass.”

“I walked away, I said ‘God you’re in control – make it happen.’ And he did. So, it’s very shocking that Jack doesn’t believe it himself because he witnessed it,” she says.

What happens when Brooke finds out Jack lied to her? And why does she say Dr. Phil is the one person who can help her convince Jack that she really is talking to Jesus?

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