Kristine claims her daughter, Shaina, neglects her three children and claims she had no choice but to call Child Protective Services (CPS) after she says she learned her grandson set fire to the kitchen and also fell out of a second-story bedroom window.

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Shaina insists her kids are safe. She says her spiritual counselor, Dennis, told her Kristine is an evil manipulator who is “out to get” her.

Dennis claims he’s a spiritual psychic medium who has given away hundreds of free readings on social media and says he doesn’t understand why people are criticizing him for booking paid sessions as well. He says, “I do have to get paid for my time. It’s a service. If your car needs work, you’re going to pay that guy, right?”

“Dennis is a fraud,” claims Kristine. “He’s just misguiding people.” She says her daughter, Shaina, who is currently working for Dennis in New York state, is under his control.

When Dr. Phil informs Dennis and Shaina that fortune-telling for money is against the law in New York, how do they respond?

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