Debbie’s daughter, Kaylie, says she thought her mother’s fiancé, James, was a “nice guy” when she first met him but now says she quickly found out she was wrong.

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“When James gets angry at my mom, he calls her a crazy bitch; he tells her she’s crazy, worthless, fat, chubby - any word he can use negatively.”

She also claims she’s seen her mother physically injured by James three or four times in the past year. “I’ve seen black eyes, busted lips, bruises on her arms, legs … face.”

Kaylie says her mother always tries to defend James by telling her there’s another side to him she’s not seeing. “I do see a good side of James, but when his bad side comes out, it’s violent and disruptive,” says Kaylie. “It breaks my heart every day to see my mom so in love with someone that’s controlling and abusive. She says she just wants her mom to be happy.

Debbie claims that when she and James argue, things sometimes escalate quickly into physical confrontation. She admits to hitting – and biting James, but he adamantly denies ever harming her.

Does Dr. Phil have a solution to help Debbie and James resolve their differences and create a more peaceful future together? Tune in to Friday’s episode.

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