Emily has upwards of 200,000 followers on social media. She says she’s using the online platforms to share her story, her struggles with cutting, offer advice and advocate for others who self-harm.

Rene says she also has a history of self-harming. She says she started a petition to get Emily removed from one of her social media accounts because she claims Emily is reckless when she posts photos and live videos of her scars for others in the self-harm community to see.

“As somebody who’s gone through it, I get really angry because a lot of my friends personally have been affected by self-harm,” says Renee. “I’ve seen a lot of them relapse because of her photos.”

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“This whole petition is making me out to be this horrible-awful human being,” says Emily, who asserts that Renee’s petition is “full of lies” about her.

How does Emily respond when Renee says she feels Emily is flaunting her cutting like “a fashion statement?”

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Woman Who Self-Harms Claims Seeing Images Of Scarring Online Caused Her To Relapse