Chris and Katie, who are both admitted heroin addicts, say that when they were evicted from their apartment, they asked Chris’ sister, Missy, to take care of their 5- and 7-year-old daughters. Now, they say that was a big mistake.

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“She just took it to a whole other level,” Chris says. “It blew my mind when my sister actually took us to court trying to get custody of our kids. It’s crazy to me.”

Missy says she had no choice but to make sure her nieces, who she claims were often found filthy, hungry and unattended to outside for hours, were safe.

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“After years of my nieces constantly coming to me filthy, knowing that my brother and sister-in-law were using drugs and after my brother was arrested for possession of heroin and meth, I had it. I made the decision to get my nieces, and that was it,” Missy says.

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Chris and Katie say that Missy is on a “power trip” and now they are only allowed to have supervised visits with their daughters. They say she is trying to take their daughters from them.

“She’s making us out to be horrible people,” Chris says.

“Missy is keeping our girls from us and she’s trying to take the kids,” Katie adds.

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Missy is confident she made the right decision.

“I know that if I would not have taken my nieces that they would have ended up hurt, if not dead,” she claims.

On Friday's episode of Dr. Phil, will Chris and Katie continue to insist their daughters were never in harm’s way? And, are they ready to get help? Check here to see where you can watch.

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