Lena and Josh say their teenage son, Cole, is out of control.

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Describing him as “angry and full of rage,” Lena says, “He will get in my face. He will throw down chairs or bar stools. He’s very intimidating.”

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“You look into his eyes, and he’s as cold as ice,” says Josh.

The parents, who claim Cole started violently acting out as a small child, say he’s been kicked out of public and private school, as well as Military school. They say even his great-grandmother kicked him out of her home after he went to stay with her.

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Admitting they don’t know where Cole is living now, the couple says the 15-year-old can’t come back home, because they claim he’s too dangerous to be around his younger brothers.

Why does Cole say his parents are too strict and have unreasonable expectations of him?

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