Mary and Craig adopted their daughter, Jessica, out of the foster care system at age 3, but after she was sexually abused when she was 9, they say she started lying; and soon afterward, began running away from home.

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Following her eighth attempt at running away, the couple claims they were advised by Child Protective Services to put Jessica back into foster care, temporarily, to break the pattern.

Mary says that when Jessica came home after 7 months, “She came home with trash bags full of toys and clothes and things like that. And her demeanor communicated she felt like she had won the lottery. And I remember saying to my husband, ‘We’ve already lost the battle here.’”

Mary says Jessica, Now 22, continues her pattern of leaving home, often without telling her parents where – or why – she’s going. “And then 30, 60, 90 days - at some point - she calls us in desperation, reporting that she’s in a sex trafficking situation or she’s gotten caught up in a, in a drug dealing situation and then asks us to come rescue her.”

Most recently Jessica left home with her 2-year-old daughter and moved to Las Vegas, where she claims she was promised work as a model and exotic dancer – but instead ended up being forced into prostitution by the man who lured her there. She now lives in a homeless shelter with her child and claims to be pregnant.

Why do her parents say they’re not sure they believe her?

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Parents Claim 22-Year-Old Left Home When They Objected To Her Dating Men For Money