Cindy and Jim say they are fed up with their 35-year-old son, Brandon. They say he’s a lazy moocher who refuses to get a job and has spray painted everything from the toilet seat to the light switches in their house, causing $15,000 of damage. They also say he likes to dress up like his favorite superhero and go on nighttime vigilante missions.

“It’s exhausting living with him, and it wasn’t always like that,” Cindy tells Dr. Phil on Friday’s episode.

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The parents, who have kicked Brandon out of their home multiple times always to let him back in again, say they finally put some rules in place the last time they let him return to their home. In the video above, they detail the four rules they made for Brandon, in an effort to change his behavior.

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“They’re rules that normally you wouldn’t have to mention to anybody; it’s just common decency and respect,” Cindy says.

Did Brandon follow them? Watch the video to find out. And, on Thursday’s episode, hear from Brandon and why he says his parents don’t understand how his mind works. Check here to see where you can tune in.

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35-Year-Old Who Likes To Wear Superhero Costumes And Go On Vigilante Missions Explains His Behavior