Colin McLaren, an Australian investigator, says that when he watched the aftermath unfolding after the 1997 Paris car crash that led to Princess Diana’s death, he couldn’t believe what he was watching.

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“I watched a crime scene being destroyed, not preserved, and that shocked me,” McLaren says. “They just swept it up, brought in the hoses, dumped the Mercedes on the back of a truck and bounced it through the streets of Paris until it disappeared into the dark.”

That’s when McLaren says he knew he had to fly to Paris and investigate for himself.

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In the video above, hear what McLaren says he found near the accident site – and why he believes another car was involved in the accident.
On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, also hear from Dylan Howard, host of the podcast "Fatal Voyage: Diana: Case Solved” and author of Diana: Case Solved: The Definitive Account that Proves What Really Happened, which he co-wrote with Detective McLaren, and what they say they learned from a new interview. Check here to see where you can watch.