As a civil rights leader, Rachel Dolezal says she was widely disparaged as a “race-faker,” in 2015 when the world learned she was a genetically Caucasian woman of (mostly) European descent who many felt had been passing for Black.

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“Some White people say I’m creating White genocide. Other people accuse me of cultural appropriation,” she says when asked how her life has been affected since the news broke.

“This blew up into a big scandal. What is your ownership in it?” asks Dr. Phil during his one-on-one interview with Dolezal airing Monday.

“Well I think that as much as I’d like to take ownership for everything, I can’t because I didn’t actually start the narrative of, ‘she’s a liar. She’s a con. She’s a fraud..’ You know - I mean - I think that really is what blew it up,” responds Dolezal.

She says she hasn’t been able to find work since losing her job as an instructor of African Studies at a University in the aftermath of the scandal.

Dolezal, who recently penned the memoir: In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World, and says she now identifies as “trans-Black,” says she believes that “race is a lie.” She also acknowledges that her world view “is dissonant with the mainstream world view of society.”

What does she say to public allegations and remarks about her ethnic heritage? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Monday.

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Rachel Dolezal recently authored the memoir In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World. The book is available now.

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‘I Didn’t Feel Like I Really Owed Him An Explanation,’ Says Rachel Dolezal Of Walking Out On Interviewer Who Probed Her On Race