Hannah and Charlie say that ever since their mom, Teresa, lost her husband and more than 100 pounds, she has become a different person. They claim she likes to drink and party, spend money on clothes instead of bills, dates multiple men at the same time – including some she’s met online and has sent money to – and is promiscuous.

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In the video above, the sisters tell Dr. Phil why they’re concerned.

WATCH: Sisters Claim 59-Year-Old Mom Is ‘Selfish,’ ‘Promiscuous,’ And Likes To ‘Party’

“Something’s off the rails here,” Dr. Phil says.

On Monday’s episode, hear from Teresa, who says her daughters need to back off and let her have her freedom. Does she agree with her daughters’ claims about her behavior? And on Tuesday, Dr. Phil producers investigate one of Teresa’s online loves. Find out what they discover. Check here to see where you can watch.

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