“I used to love Barbie - she was my mom,” says 26-year-old Blake. When she and her 23-year-old sister, Lauren, were children, Blake attended school and helped to take care of their four youngest siblings, while Lauren was brutally abused and held captive in a dark closet for six years by their mother and stepfather, Kenneth Atkinson.

“I thought that Kenny was doing everything bad, and it was almost like he was making her do those things,” says Blake in the video above. “Now, I see that they were both terrible people.”

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Barbara and Kenneth Atkinson are currently serving life sentences.
Barbie has sent me letters, but I refuse to answer her back,” says Blake. She says her stepfather has never tried contacting her. “They should live the rest of their lives in jail and should never be allowed parole.”

Lauren adds, “I would put them where I was – but I would want them to suffer.”

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